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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries.


  2013.08.14  13.36

I joined tumblr, it's better than this musty old thang.




  2011.04.30  13.13

travellerCollapse )

Mood: creative

  2009.11.18  17.54
all the beauty you will ever need

I haven't updated in fucking forever.
I'm still at MMU and I love it. My grades are good and cool shit like that.
It's fun actually being good at something.
We're publishing a lit magazine and doing other things that cool people do.
Lately I've been having this weird thing happen where I get INSANELY PAINFUL abdominal cramps. My family have been trying to convince me I'm not dying (my mam came down and slept on my floor for a while, I think really she just wanted to be there to hold my hand when I passed into the light.) Doctors stole some of my blood and all that stuff. They're sending me for an ultrasound too. I can pretend like I have a bebe in ma bele.
I googled 'most disturbing book you've ever read' and bought everything that sounded good.
It cheer me up.
When you are engulfed in flames by David Sedaris is the second half of my soul, right now.

That'll do.


  2009.02.02  18.08

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I'm so goddamn lush man.


  2009.01.22  12.25

Everybody - go and see The Wrestler. It's absolutely amazing. I cried on three separate occasions. That's all.


  2008.11.05  00.56

I'm going to stay up until 5am to spur Barack on.

Tears of joy right now. Amazing.

Mood: hopeful

  2008.08.29  00.36

My favourite Quiznos girl killed herself.
I leave in frigging 16 days or something. SHITTING myself.

Mood: weird

  2008.08.23  20.49

Damn I never update this thing. But there's something to say everybody, I got into university so I'm going awayyyyy. I'm moving all the way to Cheshire which is pretty exciting. Has anyone been to Cheshire before? It sounds posh, I dunno, is it?
Anywayzzz, life is good. I get to quit work soon which will be superfun. I'm a little bit in love with Christine Ohuruogu and Shanaze Reade lately. So many ladies on my telly doin' olympics.
P.S I know this is so last week but did anybody else cum in their pants a little bit when they watched Dark Knight? Yesssss.
Oh, P.P.S LJ world, check out mrsethcorbin on Youtube, he's pretty adorable.
That'll be all.


  2008.04.05  00.02

Okay NUMBER 1.

'El Orfanato'

Anyone seen this film yet? If you haven't, go and see it. I swear. If you have, tell me so we can gush about it together. It's the first film in SUCH a long time that genuinely frightened me. It's produced by Guillermo Del Toro and is well well worth the £7 ticket price. Genius.


'Funny Games'

Anyone seen this one?! I'm so friggin' gutted about this one. I just got back from seeing it and I'm completely in love with it, and noone is going to see it. It came out today and I was alone in the screen save for 1 couple at the back somewhere. Honestly, I'm campaigning for this film on box office from now on. I'll make a sign and stick it to my cap at work. SEE IT. You won't be disappointed. If you want free tickets, come to work and I'll get you in for free. I feel so bad for the director cos it's flopping and it's so gorgeous.

Anyway, that's all.


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